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Lodec is a leading exporter and supplier of aluminium products manufactured from superior-quality raw materials.

Outstanding quality and well-priced, our aluminium product range is recognized and trusted Globally.

As a leading supplier of Aluminium to a wide range of industries, we can help you find what you need at a competitive price.

An Aluminium round tube shape makes it an ideal extrusion for use in many building projects, and excellent corrosion resistance makes them the perfect choice for outdoor applications. Our extensive range of fully certified aluminium round tubes includes a wide range of dimensions available in straight lengths and in coils.

Our selection of Aluminium tubes also includes:

The Aluminium Multi Port Extruded tubes – also called micro-channel tubes, are unique tubes developed with highly refined manufacturing quality. With their large internal surface area, they can achieve more efficient heat transfer.

Aluminium Busbars –  solid metal bars used to carry current. Typically made from copper or aluminium, busbars are rigid and flat — wider and able to carry more current than cables

Aluminium tubes


Characteristics of Industrial Aluminium Profiles/Extrusions

An excellent conductor of heat and electricity

High corrosion resistance

High-pressure resistance

High recycling value

High surface quality

Low weight


Aluminum solid round bars are typically used in:

Wheelchair frames, collapsible stretchers, bed frames, and crutches

Tent poles, camp chair frames, and outdoor tables

HVAC application and heat exchangers

Lubricated tubes for HVAC application

Plumbing industry

LODEC, the best aluminium suppliers in Singapore

At LODEC, we go beyond manufacturing and exporting aluminium and other non-ferrous metals. We pride ourselves on building strong customer relations by providing the best customer service and care.

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